Wow! WATCH This Kid’s Priceless Reaction When Their Military Mom Surprises Them with Homecoming

This is such an awesome story!  Three kids got the surprise of a lifetime when their mom, Master Sgt. Bethany Anderson-Burrs, came home early from Qatar and payed them an unexpected visit while they were at school!

Anderson Burrs’ three kids, Eliana, Eve, and Kaleb, were all told that a famous artist was coming to their class at an elementary school in Peyton, Colorado that morning. So they were all anxiously awaiting a start, but little did they know it was going to be their awesome mom! (WATCH VIDEO BELOW)

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Needless to say their reaction was PRICELESS, and almost brings a tear to your eye. WATCH this awesome moment and then SHARE on Facebook if you support the brave men and women of our awesome military like Bethany Anderson-Burrs!

This was just as much a surprise for Master Sgt. Anderson-Burrs as it was for her kids! She had no idea this awesome moment had been arranged until she stepped off the plan in Colorado.

“I got off the plane and my husband said, ‘hey you got somewhere to be.’  Family is the one thing that’s going to get you through it, the one thing that’s going to bring you home, and when you do get home these are the times to make all the difference in the world.” 

h/t FoxNewsInsder