HOLLYWOOD IS P*SSED! Look Who Designed The Trump Dress For The Grammys! NOBODY Expected This…

After Joy Villa wore the “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammy’s she faced a major backlash from angry liberals online. While these disgusting people called her awful names, Patriotic Trump supporters rushed to support her. Now her album is #1 in the world!

BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN THE BEST PART! It was revealed that the designer of the dress is a famous Gay, Immigrant fashion designer named Andre Soriano… Who announced he is a Trump supporter!!! This is going to drive liberals INSANE!

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Liberals constantly try and DIVIDE Americans into groups and pit us against one another. Well this is EXACTLY what inspired Soriano to design the Dress. He went on Fox News this morning and revealed his inspiration for designing the dress:

“After listening to the Women’s march… and people wanting to bomb the White House, I told Joy we have to make a statement. You know what, we have to put America together, and we have to promote love” (Video Below)

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Here is Soriano explaining why he loves America so much! Let’s spread this everywhere to give this Patriot some love!