While Visiting School Kids, Trump Pulled Out a Piece of Paper & Drew Something That’ll P*SS Off Every Liberal in America

Liberals are freaking out about what President Trump drew on a piece of paper while visiting school children in Ohio.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar Tweeted out several pictures of the President and First Lady visiting an Ohio School to raise awareness for the Opioid crisis. But one picture in particular shows Pres. Trump doing something incredible. (See Picture Below)

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President Trump colored in a blue line on the American flag. Liberals mocked him, saying he didn’t know the colors of the American flag. But what he actually was drawing is the “Blue Lives Matter” symbol, in support of Law Enforcement.

SOURCE: Twitter

You can see he is clearly paying respects to law enforcement, and sending a message to these kids.

While President Obama invited the anti-police group “Black Lives Matter” to the White House, President Trump prefers supporting our brave police Officers.

SOURCE: Blue Lives Matter

Of course liberal activists, who are completely unaware and don’t care about the police, took to Twitter to attack President Trump.

They all made the same joke about Pres. Trump meaning to draw the Russian flag.

Instead of mocking Pres. Trump, maybe they should go follow the Official Blue Lives Matter Twitter, which posts pictures of fallen heroes everyday.