Tucker Carlson UNLEASHES HELL On Clinton, She NEVER Saw This Coming!

Fox News is one of the few news outlets that are willing to stick up for President Donald Trump. Given the amount of hate currently spewing from the mainstream, it is important to keep an eye out for the truth. And that is what Fox News host Tucker Carlson did when he shut down the Clintons once and for all.

A lot has been coming out about Hillary and her involvement in several different investigations while a part of the Obama administration.

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Carlson talked about the Clintons and how they have been controlling the Democratic party for a “quarter century.” And that is true. With everything that they have been doing to destroy the left, it’s shocking to see them still in power.

Carlson explained that the Clintons have “held control because they and their acolytes have ruthlessly stamped out numerous charges of sexual harassment and assault brought against Bill Clinton.”

“Suddenly out of nowhere,” Carlson said, “that’s no longer working for them.”

“The society-wide backlash … has finally turned and bit the Clintons themselves,” he continued.

He then dropped a bomb on the Clintons and the entire Democratic party. They have no chance to get back on top after this.

“Where is this coming from? What does it mean, other than the end of the Clinton era, finally and completely.”


You heard it here first, folks. Hillary, after everything she has done to destroy the Democrats, is finally getting the end she deserves.

Watch Carlson in action: