As Trump Stepped Off Marine One in Kentucky, He Looked Down and Saw This SIGN From God!

Continuing his promise to remain connected to the American people, Trump is holding another rally this evening in Louisville, Kentucky. (Watch the Livestream of the Rally Below) 

What he saw as he stepped off the helicopter is truly a sign from God! His speech isn’t until 7:30 PM, but THOUSANDS of people started lining up started lining up 8 HOURS EARLY chanting USA, USA!

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SOURCE: Reddit

BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART! Spotted just outside the venue in which Trump will hold his rally, was THIS HUGE Float playing “God Bless America!”over the loudspeakers for everyone to hear! WATCH!

Another Trump supporter explained why he bleiesves Trump was sent by GOD to save America! Just listen to this patriot!

Wow!  It’s so amazing to see that our President has so much support!

Some patriots arrived with amazing signs and rides

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