After Trump Saved Her Life, Former Egyptian Prisoner Told Him 1 Thing That Will Give You CHILLS

As we reported earlier, President Trump single-handedly rescued Egyptian American humanitarian worker, Aya Hijazi, from an Egyptian jail. Obama tried to negotiate her release for 2 years but failed. Yesterday, Trump negotiated Hijazi’s release after her 3 long years in prison.

Today, Hijazi met Trump in the Oval office and what she told him will give you chills. You can hear the excitement in her voice, as she praises Trump. Here’s what she said. (Watch the Video Below)

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Hijazi: You helped us all… All of us, 8 people who were released.

President Trump: Good Job, right?

Hijazi: Wonderful job, YES!!

The media kept trying to ask Aya Hijazi questions, even though they were instructed not to, so President Trump closed with a simple, heartfelt statement. WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook because the media won’t show it!