TRUMP IS P*SSED: After He Found Out Comey Lied Under Oath, He Said 1 Thing That Made Comey Shiver

The FBI just released documents proving that then former FBI director James Comey drafted a letter exonerating Hillary Clinton MONTHS before actually conducting the investigation.

Before he even interviewed Hillary or any key witnesses, Comey made up his mind that he wasn’t going to pursue charges against his pal Hillary Clinton.  Of course this directly contradicts what he told Congress under oath, thus Comey committed perjury.  Upon finding this out, Trump was mad as hell and said one thing that sent Comey running for the hills. (STATEMENT BELOW)

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Here’s what Trump Tweeted:

SOURCE: Twitter

That’s right Comey, your days of freedom are coming to an end.  Once the President of the United States calls on the Department of Justice to bring you up on perjury charges you’re all but finished.  And it’s about time!

Even better this news comes at the same time Jeff Sessions said he will be investigating Hillary and Obama for giving 20% of our uranium to Russia after the Russians paid MILLIONS to the Clinton Foundation.

Folks, the dominos are beginning to fall!  Stay tuned!