TRUMP JUST WON: What Kellyanne Just Revealed on This Piece of Paper Made Hannity’s Jaw DROP

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Kellyanne Conway is back and she went on Sean Hannity to respond to the continuing media LIES about Trump, Russia, and Don Jr.

First, Conway slammed the liberal media for what she called an “ants on a sugar cube mentality” in it’s hysteria over the Trump-Russia ‘investigation.’ But she wasn’t done there. She surprised Hannity and revealed two pieces of paper that the mainstream media DID NOT want to see. 

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Conway held up two pieces of paper. One had the words “conclusion?” and “collusion” written on it, which she marked out with red pen. She is referencing the media’s inability to find ANY evidence of collusion. Then she held up a second piece of paper with 2 words showing the lying mainstream media is REALLY up to.

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Here are the brilliant “flash cards” Kellyanne held up. You’ll see where she marked out “collusion” and revealed the 2nd card showing she REALLY thinks of the media. 

SOURCE: Fox News

From Fox News:

Conway also said Trump Jr.’s meeting with attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya paled in comparison to shady arrangements made between the Clintons and Russian officials.

Conway also slammed the mainstream media for what she called a “myopic, lemming-like, ants on a sugar cube mentality” in its coverage of the Russia investigation, as well as a “culture of sameness.”

“Do you realize the President of the United States sat with the President of Russia less than a week ago for two hours and 15 minutes, and yet we’re talking about this and not that?” she asked. “Do you realize that you’ve got people in the media now between their lower third chyrons and what comes out of their mouth, they talk more about Russia than America?”