TRUMP JUST WON! What He Just Exposed About The Democrats Will END The Russia Investigation

President Trump sat down with Sean Hannity last night for an interview in front of a raucous crowd. Trump was on a roll, and the crowd was into it, but he got the most fired up when Hannity asked him about the Russia investigation. 

Hannity pointed out how the media has been OBSESSING over this for months, with no proof. Day after day, they spread rumors and leaks from people trying to destroy Trump from within. Well, Trump looked back at Hannity and UNLOADED on this Russia Witch Hunt. (Video Below)

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Trump and Hannity talked about how Julian Assange has PROOF that Russia had nothing to do with any DNC hack. He said this whole Russia thing is simply an excuse because “they had a bad candidate” who ignored vital states like Michigan and Wisconsin. But he didn’t stop there. WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

From Fox News:

“It wasn’t Russia, it was a bad candidate. It was a candidate that didn’t go to Wisconsin and Michigan like they should have,” Trump said, later reiterating the point in his speech.

“This was an excuse that was used by the Democrats – the electoral college is so easy to win for the Democrats,” he said.

Trump also discussed how some parts of the federal tax code unfairly burden well-run states by figuratively subsidizing residents of states with high taxes.