Trump Just Stared Down Mitch McConnell & Told Him 1 Thing That Made Him SHIVER

Earlier today while delivering a statement on tax reform in the Rose Garden, Trump turned to Mitch McConnell and said something about him that has him scared.

After Trump was finished speaking about tax reform, he opened it up for questions from reporters.  Trump was asked about healthcare and that’s when he brought up the fact that our drug prices are way too high in this country because big pharmaceutical countries pay off politicans.  That’s when he turned to Mitch and put him on blast. (VIDEO BELOW)

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“A priority of mine is the cost of prescription drugs.  We are going to get the cost of prescription drugs WAY down.  WAY down.  These drug companies contribute massive amounts of money to political people.”  Then Trump turns to McConnell and saysI don’t know Mitch, maybe even you!”  We FINALLY have a President who will stand up to the Washington establishment! WATCH AND THEN SHARE ON FACEBOOK IF YOU’RE READY FOR TRUMP TO DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Boom!  President Trump just put McConnell on blast to his face in front of the entire world.  We need to get dirty money out of politics so politicans like Mitch will start representing US, the AMERICAN people, instead of big business. 

This is a president that is on a mission to drain the swamp and he has shown that he will stop at nothing to do so.  This is a president that is hell bent on Making America Great Again and this is how it starts!