Trump Just Rolled Out of Bed and DESTROYED Meryl Streep With 3 BRUTAL Tweets

After Meryl Streep ATTACKED Trump last night in her 6 minutes rambling Tirade, millions of Americans were quick to come to his defense. 

But first thing this morning, Trump personally responded to the attacks on his character. Trump tweeted:

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BUT HE WASN’T DONE YET!! He also responded to the SICK lie that Streep repeated last night… The allegation that Trump “mocked” a disabled Reporter. Here’s what Trump had to say about that: (SEE BELOW)

Trump correctly pointed out that he was NOT mocking the reporters disability, he was mocking the reporter for being a liar. He also pointed out that Meryl Streep was a longtime Hillary supporter. 

We released a video earlier this morning that is 100% PROOF that Trump did not mock this reporter’s disability.

WATCH it then SHARE on Facebook so we can expose Meryl Streep’s SICK LIES!

Kellyanne Conway also responded to Streep’s terrible lies by calling out her hypocrisy!