After Stormy Daniels Tried to Embarrass Trump, She Got an EPIC Dose of Karma

So the “bombshell” 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels finally happened and it was predictably a DUD.  Democrats who thought this would sink Pres. Trump will have to find a new “Scandal.”

Daniels, who is a Porn Star, admits no laws were broken and claims she and Trump had consensual sex over a decade ago.

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But it’s what came out after the interview that served her an epic dose of Karma.

Daniels claimed she didn’t come forward sooner because she was worried about the negative attention she would get.

People went on Twitter and quickly reminded her that she is a PORN STAR.

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Such a good question. Even Anti-Trump radio host Michael Smerconish agrees this story doesn’t add up.

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Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy agreed as well.

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Portnoy continued, saying this is a stupid story that will backfire in CNN’s face:

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Here is the interview.  Do you think this is another attempt by the media to destroy Trump?  Do you care that he had a consensual relationship with someone 10 years ago? Tell us below.