Sarah Huckabee Just Brought Everyone To Tears With AMAZING Story During Press Conference

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a very tough job as the White House Press Secretary. Every day she is given the very tough job of giving the news to the hateful liberals that only want to bring her down. But she has done an amazing job of keeping her head when everyone else is losing theirs.

We saw an amazing example of how great she is today, when she opened the press conference up with an amazingly beautiful Christmas story that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

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“With Christmas season in full swing, I want shine a spotlight on some of the stories of Christmas generosity and love that show what the Christmas spirit and the American spirit are all about.”

She kept going.

“There will be so many acts of generosity and kindness that go unnoticed this Christmas season.These stories are important because they remind us what the season is all about and that’s the greatest gift of all, that a savior was born.”

She then ended it with a perfect statement.

“And hopefully we can all focus and take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy the Christmas season. Or however you may celebrate.”

There shouldn’t be a way for liberals to turn this against her, but if there is, don’t be surprised to see it. But for right now, just enjoy the fact that we have such a hardworking woman giving the press conferences.


Take a look below.

(Source: Raw Story)