Sarah Sanders Comes Forward, Sends Shivers Down Spine Of Every DC Leaker With What She Says Next

Sarah Sanders is not a woman you want to mess with. She is smart, funny and very loyal and her bite is way worse than her bark.

She has had it with the leakers in the swamp and sent them running for the comfort of their lawyer’s arms with a tough reminder of who is really in charge.

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Actions have consequences.

From Business Insider:

Sanders blamed recent leaks on “a couple of bad actors” and said she is prepared to fire any staffers who continue to leak.


“I think it is disgusting and some of the most shameful behavior that you could ever engage in,” Sanders said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to work for the president and to be part of his administration. And anybody who betrays that I think is a total and complete coward and they should be fired.”

The press secretary said she has fired staffers in the past for leaking and is willing to do it again.

“We’re focused intensely on addressing it, and we take it extremely seriously,” she said.