After San Juan Mayor Claimed Trump Never Sent Aid, Video Leaked Showing What She Actually Did With it

For weeks the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, paraded herself all over CNN saying that Trump had done nothing to help the citizens of Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria devastated the island.

Despite there being more palates full of aid than the eye can see, Cruz kept bashing Trump for “not helping,” and “not sending supplies.” Well, of course all of this is totally untrue and now a video has just surfaced that shows what she actually did with all the aid sent. Folks, this is truly one of the most shocking things imaginable. (VIDEO BELOW)

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In the video you’re about to see, Puerto Rican Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marin, finds shipping container-sized bins filled with box after box of unopened meals that have been thrown away! WATCH AND THEN SHARE ON FACEBOOK TO HELP US EXPOSE THIS WOMAN!

From Daily Wire:

The video shows a man shocked to find what looks like a shipping container-sized bin filled with box after box of unopened meals that have been discarded. When the camera pans, you can see a semi-truck trailer right behind the dumpster, which raises the question, “Did those supplies go straight from the truck to the trash?”

Marin states: “We got tipped about the mishandling of some of the supplies in a distribution center in Patilla, and we were able to corroborate what we didn’t want to see. In a garbage dump truck we found pallets full of meals ready to be distributed at one time but now all spoiled. They were left under the rain in the open air under the sun subject to rodents and animals.”