Reporter Asks Sarah If Mexico Is Still Paying For The Wall, What She Said Next Blew Him Away

Source: YouTube

As we all know one of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to build a border wall and to have Mexico pay for it. Trump has made this a vocal headline for many of his rallies to his supporters.

While accomplishing this has proven to be quite the challenge, many people speculate whether or not this approach is still on the table or not for the President and his administration.

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Trump has asked for $18 billion from Congress to build the wall and the administration has floated a number of different domestic offsets to pay for it.

During the most recent White House Press Briefing a reporter asks Sarah Huckabee Sanders a question that has had many wondering. The reporter asked if, due to the high price, Trump has “abandoned the idea of Mexico paying for the wall?”

Sarah turns to him and says very sternly,

“No, he hasn’t.”

Another reporter followed up, asking if Pres. Trump is backtracking on immigration and she shut down those liberal lies right away. Sarah explained how Pres. Trump is focused on AMERICAN workers and an immigration policy that is best for AMERICA.

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Even Trump said himself that he will not be backing away from the idea of Mexico paying for the border wall. The president said, “Yeah, I believe Mexico will pay for the wall. I have a very good relationship with Mexico… Mexico will pay, in some form, Mexico will pay for the wall.”

This is amazing news, patriots! All those scoffing liberals who always think President Trump won’t get done what he said he would are in for a treat if this pulls through!

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