Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee Why Trump “Plays More Golf” Than Obama, What She Said Next Left Him in Silence

From day one, Sanders has been subject to constant attacks by outlets like CNN, MSNBC and many more.

She has stayed level-headed for the most part, but sometimes she needs to let some steam off. That is exactly what she did with one reporter who took issue with Trump’s time on the golf course. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders made him immediately regret it. (Video Below)

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We all know that Obama loved to golf. Every chance he got he could be seen on the links, playing with several different celebrities. The media had no problem with it when it was Obama. However, now that Trump has been seen playing they are up in arms.

The reporter says “Obama played far less than President Trump,” and smugly asked what Trump has been accomplishing on the golf course. Then, he followed up by asking if the Trump is somehow ashamed or has an issue with how much he has been playing.

What the reporter didn’t point out, is that President Trump OWNS the Trump National Golf Resort and he is often at this location to have high level meetings because it is just outside of Washington DC.

Huckabee-Sanders said, “I think it’s the PRESS that has an issue with his time on the course. The Presidents extremely proud of all the accomplishments we’ve had in 2017.”

But she didn’t stop there. She explained how Trump’s time on the golf course is spent much differently, and how he’s used it to build relationships to actually pass legislation like the historic tax cuts.

WATCH as she embarrasses this guy for asking such a dumb question! 


(Source: IJR)