Reporter Asked Trey Gowdy Who’s The Mastermind of Mueller’s Witch Hunt, What He Said Next Left Her Stunned

Rep. Trey Gowdy went on Fox News for his first interview since announcing his retirement.

Fox Reporter Martha MacCallum asked Gowdy about a lot of subjects, but the bombshell came when she asked him about the Mueller investigation.

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MacCullum asked how and why Mueller has the jurisdiction to investigate anything he wants in relation to President Trump under the guise of the “Russia Probe.”

Rep. Gowdy’s response made her jaw drop.

Gowdy: I would not blame Bob Mueller, I would blame whoever drafted the jurisdiction and the charter that empowered him. And if you look at it, it says “matters that may arise from the investigation.” What in the heck does that mean? I mean, does that include a bank robbery in Topeka Kansas?

McCullum: Did that language came from Rod Rosenstein?

Gowdy: Yes Ma’am

Holy crap, this is huge!


This is the first public official to come forward and expose Rod Rosenstein for purposefully giving Mueller unlimited power to start a witch hunt against Trump.

Keep in mind, Rosenstein is a close friend of James Comey and is only acting as Attorney General because Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from anything “related” to Russia.

This is clearly no longer about Russia, and it’s time for Sessions to either get involved or resign and let President Trump appoint a new Attorney General.

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From The Gateway Pundit:

“We’ve seen Special Counsel’s in the past leave their purview and the investigation has gone on for a long time and next thing you know you are investigating a Monica Lewinsky case when the president didn’t even know her when the special counsel began his work. So you don’t have any fear of that here?” Martha MacCallum asked Gowdy referencing the Special Counsel who investigated former president Bill Clinton.

Gowdy responded by saying he believes Special Counsel Mueller has already gone off course and said the person to blame for that would be Rod Rosenstein because he is the mastermind behind giving Mueller broad jurisdiction.