Reporter Asked Sarah Huckabee if Trump Will be Impeached, What She Said Next Surprised The Room

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders took to the podium and responded to the liberal media hysteria surrounding Michael Cohen’s plea deal and betrayal of Pres. Trump.

The media couldn’t wait to ask the same question over and over, as usual, but Sarah shut them all down with one brutal response. When asked about whether Pres. Trump will be impeached, she looked back at the reporter and gave an answer that made her shiver.

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Sarah pointed out how this is simply a liberal fantasy and the Democratic Party’s only hope to win in 2018 or in 2020 because they have nothing else to offer but to attack the President. But she didn’t stop there.

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“The idea of an impeachment is frankly a sad attempt by Democrats. It’s the only message they have going into the midterms,”


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