After Reporter Asked Obama’s Legacy, Trump Pulled Out a Piece of Paper & Leaked The Unthinkable

Earlier today during a radio interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, President Trump was asked about Obama’s chief strategist David Alexrod’s claim that Trump is hell bent on destroying Obama’s legacy, specifically Obamacare.

Trump epic response completely embarrassed Obama and all the democrats who media who defend him and Obamacare.  (AUDIO BELOW)

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Trump pulled out a piece of paper and revealed a list of insurance companies whose profit margins increased a whopping 480% because of Obamacare while millions of Americans went bankrupt!


“If you look at what I did with the payments going to insurance companies under Obamacare, not going to poor people, they’re going right into the pockets of the insurance companies”

“I brought a list for you.  Look at these insurance companies, this is since Obamacare started: Anthem, big company, 270% increase.  270%.  Humana 420% increase.  Aetna 470% increase.  Cigna 480% increase.  The insurance companies are making a fortune….They got a great deal with Obamacare.  The great beneficiaries of Obamacare is NOT the people, they’re getting killed.  You have the insurance companies increasing 480%, has any stock on the stock exchange gone up that much?  The reason is Obamacare is a ripoff, it’s great for the insurance companies.  And by the way, since I took the money away from the insurance companies you’ve see what’s happened to their stocks [gone down].”

The fact that insurance companies profited that much off Obamacare while the rest of us suffered is bad enough, but the fact that the liberal media never ONCE brought it up is even worse. Trump wants to introduce fair healthcare that actually benefits the people of this country instead of the insurance companies and he’s the bad guy?  Unbelievable.