Piers Morgan Asked Trump About Being ‘Banned’ From England, What He Said Next Will Make Them Shiver

Piers Morgan just had an exclusive interview with President Trump after he arrived in Europe.

One of the first questions he asked was about British Leaders considering “banning” President Trump from visiting Great Britain because he retweeted a controversial video about Islam. Pres. Trump’s response was firm and to the point, and he put their country on notice. (Video Below)

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“We’ve given state visits to Bashar Al Assad, to Robert Mugabe, to Vladamir Putin, and to President Xi, so the implication from them trying to ban you, is that somehow you’re worse than they are?” Piers said.

At first, Pres. Trump responded by saying “A lot” of people in the Great Britain like what he stands for.

Piers Quickly followed up, saying “well to those that don’t…”

“I don’t care!” Trump said. But he didn’t stop there.

The President was quick to remind Piers and the citizens of Great Britain that the the United States has always been there to support their country whenever they were desperate.

“I support you militarily, very much, we come to your defense if anything happens”


If it weren’t for the United States, Great Britain would’ve been taken over by Nazi Germany in WW2… So the British should probably show the American President a little more respect.

Pres. Trump was smart to remind the British citizens of this fact.

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