After Oprah Screamed at Trump Supporter & Insulted Him, Watch His Brutal Response That Left Her Stunned

Oprah Winfrey hosted a segment on “60 Minutes” where she spoke to “divided Americans” in about President Trump. In this roundtable discussion, she followed up with a group of people she spoke to months ago.

The former talkshow host brought up many issues, but the fireworks erupted when she asked the group about Pres. Trump’s alleged comments about bringing in people from “Sh*thole Countries.” (Video Below)

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Oprah singled out Matt Wiedenhoeft, a Trump-supporting teacher and Hockey Coach, with a question that was meant to make him look bad. She asked Matt about this alleged “sh*thole” comment, and asked if he stood by his previous statements that President Trump speaks for people like him.

Wiedenhoeft didn’t back down, saying Pres. Trump wasn’t talking about the PEOPLE from these countries, but rather the countries themselves.

Oprah, who was supposed to be an unbiased moderator,  rolled her eyes in a condescending manner and screamed, “MATT! If you’re talking about the Country you’re talking about the people in the country.”

Another Trump supporter, Tom Nemcek, fired back at Oprah and the others around the table for even asking this question.

“Were you guys in the room? Were you guys in the room? Were you in the room? Okay, because there’s three people who were in that room who said he never said this.”

This is a legitimate point that calls into question Oprah’s supposedly “unbiased” questioning. Why would she ask a question about a disputed quote unless she just wanted to spread it as if it were true.


President Trump also called out Oprah on her biased questioning, and he begged her to run against him so she can be “exposed and defeated just like all the others.”

SOURCE: Twitter

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