OMG: Trump Just Went on Live TV & Exposed Who The Russian Lawyer REALLY is

Just moments ago, while at a press conference in Paris, President Trump was asked about Don Jr’s meeting with the Russian lawyer. President Trump looked at the reporter and exposed the Russian lawyer for who she really is. 

We learned yesterday that the Russian ‘lawyer’ has ties to Fusion GPS, a Democratic firm who tried to destroy Trump by spreading the Fake Russia dossier. Then we learned she went to anti-Trump rallies and attended hearings with Obama’s Russian ambassador. But Trump just dropped a BOMBSHELL about the Russian Lawyer that Obama didn’t want anyone to see! (Video Below)

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Trump revealed that President Obama and his Attorney General Loretta Lynch granted this Russian Lawyer special entry into the United States. Trump said, “Loretta Lynch allowed this Russian lawyer into the United States even though her visa was expired!”

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So here’s what it looks like to me:

Obama set up a meeting between a Russian lawyer and Don Jr. and then used that meeting as evidence that Trump colluded with Russia and to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump.  THIS IS 1000X WORSE THAN WATERGATE.  LOCK HIM UP!

Watch Trump’s full press conference here: