OMG! Nikki Haley Just Told Trump The 1 Thing That Has Every Reporter FREAKING Out!

Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley continues to prove she’s one of the President’s greatest assets, and she did so yet again during an interview with ABC on Friday.

While the White House made staff scarce in light of poor press over the Comey firing, the former South Carolina Governor came out with guns blazing. WATCH BELOW (via Mediaite)

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“The president is the CEO of the country…He can hire and fire whoever he wants. That’s his right.”

Haley said she believes the President is trying to “find the right team,” and defended his decision to terminate James Comey, saying Trump is a “president of action.” SHARE this on Facebook if you stand with Trump and Nikki Haley against the LYING media!


This comes just a few days after Trump joked that Haley “could be replaced” at any time. This was obviously a joke, but the mainstream media still ran with it. They just don’t want to admit that Trump has put a strong female leader in such a high position!