OMG: Newt Gingrich Just Went on Live TV and ENDED The Mainstream Media

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Newt Gingrich is BACK and he isn’t holding back. Last night he went on Sean Hannity and UNLOADED on the mainstream media. 

This was the first time Gingrich has responded to the Don Jr. situation and the media LIES that are being spread. It’s probably the best 4 minutes of TV i’ve seen in a while. 

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Gingrich took on the media for their HYPOCRISY in ignoring the Democrats allegedly colluding with the Ukrainians, or Hillary’s Russia-Ties. He blasted their blatant dishonesty, saying they’d “rush past a bank robbery and grab one of us for jaywalking.”

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Here is the full segment. 

From Fox News:

He said the media is transfixed on the Trump Jr. meeting while ignoring the alleged collusion between the Democrats and Ukrainians.

“They rush past a bank robbery and grab one of us for jaywalking,” Gingrich said.

He compared the media’s coverage of Trump Jr. to “The Crucible,” an Arthur Miller play about the Salem Witch Trials.