OMG: After The Media Lied About Trump, Sebastian Gorka Went on TV & Leaked Their Worst Nightmare

Ever since Trump’s election, CNN and the rest of the fake news media has done nothing but push this ridiculous Russia collusion story despite having ZERO evidence that Trump actually did something wrong.

Despite all of that, Trump has proceeded to bring jobs back, drastically decrease illegal immigration, and create an economy that has the stock market at an all time high, but the media REFUSES to report that. So look what one of his top advisers just did. 

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Sebastian Gorka, one of Trump’s top aides, just went live on Fox News and revealed the mainstream media’s WORST nightmare. First, he pointed out again that CNN is ranked 13th in ratings, and that Nickelodeon cartoon re-runs get more viewers. Then he UNLOADED on them in this epic clip. 

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“The Fake News media has no integrity.  They think this Russia story is a distraction, IT’S NOT. they think this is what we talk about in the west wing, BUT WE COULDN’T CARE LESS.  We are working, we’re pushing forward and WE’RE MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”

“This ‘Russia, Russia, collusion delusion’ is irrelevant.  People see jobs coming back, they see the price of gas, they see that this week we destroyed the caliphate (we killed the leader of ISIS), THAT SHOULD BE THE NEWS.  CNN talks more about Russia than America and they’ve lost credibility.”