TRUMP WINS! After James Comey Called Him a Liar, Trump Leaked His Worst Nightmare

After James Comey was fired, President Trump said that Comey told him during 3 separate conversations, that The White House is NOT under investigation for alleged Russia collusion. President Trump has told this to the LYING media because they keep spreading fake news about Russian “influence.”

Since his firing, James Comey has reportedly become furious and is anonymously leaking to the media that these 3 conversations with Trump did not happen. 

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WELL, PRESIDENT TRUMP JUST LEAKED JAMES COMEY’S WORST NIGHTMARE! Trump claims to have PROOF of these conversations and promises to leak them to the media if Comey keeps calling him a liar. Trump apparently recorded their conversation, knowing Comey was going to try to screw him!

SOURCE: Twitter

This shows how TOUGH Trump is. Everybody else in Washington is terrified of James Comey, but Trump is beating him at his own game!