OMG! After Bashing Trump For Months, Obama Just Got Caught Doing The UNTHINKABLE

For Months, Obama, the Democrats, and their lapdogs in the mainstream media have been spreading LIES about how Trump won because Russia “meddled” in the election. 

There is no evidence, other than Putin said Trump was a “bright man,” and praised his business successes.  Putin never endorsed either Hillary or Trump. 

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BUT LOOK WHAT OBAMA JUST GOT CAUGHT DOING! Just 3 days before the French election, Obama STAGED a phone call wherehe  endorsed one of their candidate for President. HE IS TRYING TO INFLUENCE A FOREIGN ELECTION!!

Obama endorsed Emanuel Macron is running against Marine Le Pen, who is known as the “Female Donald Trump.” Le Pen wants to crack down on immigration and radical Islam, so of course Obama doesn’t want her to win. Obama and Macron did a STAGED phone call where Obama praised him. (Watch the Video Below)

This is FAR more than Putin did in the American election, but the media won’t report on this. SHARE it on Facebook so we can make it go VIRAL!