After NFL Players Protested The Anthem on Veterans Day, They Looked Up at The Crowd & Saw The Unthinkable

At least two NFL players took a knee during the National Anthem yesterday, despite the fact that it was Veterans Day Weekend. 

San Francisco 49ers player Eric Reid and New York Giants player Olivier Vernon both took a knee. But it’s what happened in the stands that has the NFL in a complete Panic.

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Fans all around the country participated in a National Boycott of the NFL and refused to show up for the game. Check out these pictures of NFL stadiums DURING the games yesterday. These NFL players have a real problem on their hands because they’ve pissed off the people who fund their 10-20 million dollar yearly salaries! (Video Below)

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Now look how empty the Atlanta Falcons’ stadium was… and this team was in the Super Bowl last year!

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And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium.

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This is shocking stuff. Look how empty the Chicago Bears Stadium was…

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