NEWT GINGRICH IS GENIUS! What He Just Said to Trump Will Shut Down Mainstream Media Forever

Newt Gingrich is back and he just told President Trump his genius plan to shut down the mainstream media. 

Since last week, President Trump has hinted at ending daily Press Briefings because the media only uses them to try and destroy his administration. Reporters have been calling him a fascist dictator for suggesting this. Well, Newt just told Trump what to do. 

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Gingrich is a historian and he told Sean Hannity what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did to the media. Roosevelt is a HERO for the liberal media, but little do they know that he KICKED OUT and PERMANENTLY BANNED any reporter who used anonymous sources or who lied about him. WATCH Gingrich tell Trump how he can close down the Press Room! SHARE on Facebook so we can make this go viral!

From Newsmax:

Gingrich said he has read the transcripts of late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first press briefings, and learned FDR had some strict rules.

“They were all off the record,” said Gingrich. “You could quote a senior White House source, but never him. Anyone who broke their confidence, if he said it’s ‘off the record,’ it was never again allowed in the press briefing. That’s how he started the very first meeting with the press after he became president. There’s a pretty good lesson there.”

“Donald Trump is not the chief entertainer of the United States,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Hannity” program. “He’s not the chief wrestling match with the elite media. He’s the president of the United States with a big job and some very big goals. What they ought to do is get out of all of this junk. They ought to focus on the big goals.”