IT’S A MIRACLE! This 11 Year Old Patriot Just Gave Trump The Greatest SURPRISE Ever!

President Trump hosted a roundtable discussion on the DISASTROUS effects of Obamacare.  Present at the roundtable were ordinary, everyday Americans who told their personal stories of how Obamacare has nearly ruined their lives.

However as one man began to speak, he turned to Trump and handed him a surprise that the President will never forget! From under his stack of papers he pulled a paper cutout of Trump’s head that his 11-year-old son made for the President!

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The man is a business owner who is concerned about Obamacare. He and President Trump had a great back and forth, but first the man read this personal message from his 11 year old son:

“Dear president trump, it is a great honor to be able to write to the president of the United states.  i think you’re a great president and a great man.  also, don’t worry the picture on the front of this looks nothing like you!”

Trump was so grateful, he even responded by saying “I wish I looked that good!” This is the side of Trump the media NEVER shows. Help us make this go viral by SHARING on Facebook!