After Chelsea Handler Bashed Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Watch Mike Huckabee DESTROY Her

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been doing an amazing job of keeping the liberal hate at bay. Every day that she steps up to the podium, she has to deal with attacks on the entire Trump administration. But the attacks took a turn for the worst when they started getting personal.

Chelsea Handler has been trying to get a punch in the fight by insulting Sarah Sanders’ looks and clothes. If this seems bad, it is. That is why Mike Huckabee, Sarah’s father, went on Fox News and exploded on Handler, calling her out for her disgusting comments.

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“The things that Chelsea Handler said were vile and vulgar. I am surprised that there were not women on the left who at least had the decency to call her out on this. But I know you are expecting me to be very angry about it. But truthfully when I read what she said and I watched it, I felt sorry for her. I felt bad for Chelsea Handler.”

Wow. He still has some forgiveness after all that Chelsea said about his very own daughter. That takes a lot. He was not kind to her, however. He went on to call her an angry person that is almost as old as he is.

Take a look at what he said:

(Source: Fox News)