IT’S OVER! After The Media LIED About Trump, Mike Huckabee Went on TV & Leaked Their Worst Nightmare

Once again, the mainstream media has been caught manipulating information in order to find another way to criticize President Trump. Our President has successfully displayed diplomacy -and a backbone- as he’s traveled around the globe. World leaders are responding to him in ways that they haven’t to any U.S. president in our recent history. Most Americans would be thrilled to hear about a newfound respect for our country- but, of course, the liberals are offended.

Mike Huckabee wasn’t afraid to go on Fox News and EXPOSE the lying mainstream media’s agenda.

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Instead of accurately reporting on the respect and comradery garnered by President Trump’s diplomatic efforts- the mainstream media creates something else altogether. These petty tactics are reminiscent of the schoolyard jeers used by elementary aged bullies. Apparently, if they can’t find anything wrong with what our president is doing- they’ll invent something!

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“This is what Donald Trump has to deal with every day,” says Huckabee. “A press that will find a way to twist the story so they have a way of making it totally negative.”

Mainstream media sources have tried to say that President Trump is afraid of Putin in explanation of some of his recent comments. Huckabee had this to say about their skewed assumptions:

“Donald Trump is not afraid of anybody. Look at him! This is a guy who talks straight to the faces of anybody he wants to, and he’s pretty clear about it. I think it’s absurd, and it’s one more way in which the media has discredited themselves.”