IT’S OVER: After The Media Lied About Trump, Lou Dobbs Went on TV & Leaked Their Worst Nightmare

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President Trump’s trip to France over the past couple days has been a HUGE Success, so the media is trying to distract everyone. They continue to spread conspiracy theories and LIES about Trump and Russia. This week it was Don Jr’s “meeting” with a Russian lawyer, next week it will be something else. 

Well, Lou Dobbs has had ENOUGH! He just went on Live TV and exposed the media’s worst nightmare.

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Dobbs exposed how the deep state was secretly using the liberal media to try and overthrow Trump.  He explained how they are accelerating leaks from within the top levels of Government in order to saturate the media with Trump scandals & try to “break the will” of the American people. Then they’ll move in and try and have him removed.

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Here’s an excerpt:

“This is an effort by the deep state to roll-over a duly elected President… and to break the will of the American people… This is about a full on assault by the left, the Democratic party to carry out a coup d’état against President Trump. Aided by the left-wing media.”