Man Yells ‘How’s Monica?’ at Bill Clinton, What He Does Next Exposes Him For Who He Really is

Bill Clinton was in the back of an SUV at a stoplight in New York City and a pedestrian began yelling at him. But the former President was caught off guard when the man asked, “How’s Monica?” (Video Below)

The man first gets his attention by saying, “What up Bill Clinton?” and “You the best President man.”

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The 43rd President gives the man a thumbs up and says “Thank you.” You could see him visibly smiling and interacting with the man.

But everything changed when the man says “How’s Monica?”

Clinton slowly rolls up his window in shame and embarrassment. HAHAHA!

I would be embarrassed too if I coerced a 21 year old intern into performing sex acts in the Oval Office.  What a disgrace.

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