Texas Governor Greg Abbot was paralyzed in 1984 and has been in a wheelchair ever since. He overcame all odds to get where he is today and he has never used his disability as an excuse.

As a Conservative Republican, Abbot has been personally attacked by liberals over the years, but NOTHING like what someone said to him last night. Abbot was personally attacked last night by a Liberal who sent him this message on Twitter:

“Hey @GregAbbot_TX, since you’re so holy and close to God, when is he going to make you walk again? #CrippledGreg”

Abbot responded to this person with this heart-wrenching message that will make you cry TEARS OF JOY! (See Below)

Here’s the message Abbot sent back to that awful person:

What an INSPIRING response… Although Abbot has a strong faith in God, he uses it to EMPOWER himself to greatness, rather than selfishly asking for functioning legs again.

He REFUSED to sink to the level of this awful person. 

Sadly, this isn’t the FIRST time Liberals have attacked Governor Abbot’s disability. James O’Keefe released an undercover video in 2014 where Abbot’s opponents campaign was caught LAUGHING about how he is unable walk. 

The mainstream media ignored SICKENING behavior back then, and they definitely won’t cover this newest incident.

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