Laura Ingraham Just Came Out With The Proof That NO ONE Saw Coming That Shows Obama is Involved

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has been right on top of everything that has been going on in recent days. Obviously what most people are talking about now is the recently released Devin Nunes memo and what it means for the administration.

But Ingraham had some interesting points on what this memo means. While most Americans were wondering what this meant for President Trump and the Russia probe, she dived into what this could mean for Obama and his administration. (Video Below)

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She was quick to point out that the memo showed collusion between the FBI while former director James Comey was in charge, the DOJ under Obama and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Trump believed that everything in Washington had become politicized, bloated and unmanageable. What we take away from the now-public House Intel Committee memo that was released today is that President Donald Trump once again was right.”

Everybody remembers when Trump alleged that the Obama administration wiretapped the Trump Tower during the presidential election. Ingraham had a few things to say about this as well.

“I contend that this surveillance itself was designed to disrupt the election.”

She goes on to call this an “insurance policy against a Trump victory.” The Democrats were obviously working on something big here. This memo should do a good job of getting the truth out to the Americans that are willing to listen.


(Source: IJR)