KILL SHOT: Tomi Lahren Just Told Jimmy Kimmel & Eminem 1 Thing That’ll End Their Careers

Tomi Lahren UNLOADED on Jimmy Kimmel and Eminem’ in her final thoughts segment last night. 

Kimmel and Eminem both have declared WAR on Trump supporters and Tomi just sent them a message that will make them regret it. The video already has 2 million views in just a few hours! (Video Below)

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“Jimmy Kimmel, you’re not funny-not anymore- but you are a joke. Are you really that ignorant you think conversing with Trump supporters is so far beneath you? Well bud, I know for a fact you have Trump-supporting friends, they just won’t admit it because you’re such an intolerant and delicate snowflake they don’t want you to melt at their feet…It’s amazing how easily you brush off and ignore the entire middle of the country. Believe it or not, your entire viewing and listening audience isn’t comprised of your liberal friends in New York and LA. We will happily turn off, log off and shut off your noise. Then what?…” WATCH this viral video then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!

From Fox News Insider:

Oh I have some Final Thoughts for Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, Eminem and the rest of these arrogant celebrities who think they are too good for Trump supporters.

You are grown men telling your fellow Americans to “F off.” Really?

You’re not just insulting and demeaning our president, you’re insulting and demeaning the millions of Americans who voted for, and support the president of the United States.

You’re waving the middle finger at the single mother in Kansas, the 4th generation rancher in South Dakota, the legal immigrant in Arizona, the coal miner in West Virginia, the soldier fighting for your freedom overseas, the police officer protecting your community, and the millions of other great Americans who didn’t vote the way you did. That’s who you’re flipping off. Classy.

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