KILL SHOT! Kellyanne Just Delivered a FATAL BLOW to Nancy Pelosi **MAKE THIS GO VIRAL

Democrat Congressman Cedric Richmond made a SICK joke about Kellyanne Conway looking “familiar” on her knees in the oval office.

His boss, Nancy Pelosi, was asked about his comments and she pretended like it was no big deal! 


Well, as you can imagine, Kellyanne is FIRING BACK! She just laid the SMACK DOWN on Nancy Pelosi on National TV. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Kellyanne!

“I’m very disappointed in Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. No wonder she was a two-term speaker and the majority of the voters were female across the country and they didn’t want her to be Speaker anymore…she had nothing to say about a member of her, a Democratic Congressman, a member of her Caucus issuing such a tasteless, sexist joke…”


From The Daily Caller:

Conway previously told The Daily Caller that there would have been more outrage surrounding Richmond’s comments if she were a liberal woman. “And it is not just if I were a liberal woman, but if I were a pro-abortion one.”

Richmond offered a half-baked apology last week, in which he did not actually admit any wrongdoing.