KILL SHOT: After Hillary Called ‘Millions’ of Trump Voters Racist, Hannity Exposed Her Worst Nightmare

In an interview with CBS on Sunday, Hillary Clinton blamed her election loss on “millions” of racist and “sexist” Trump supporters. Last night, Sean Hannity responded to these comments and exposed her worst nightmare.

Hannity was joined by Greg Jarrett and they didn’t hold back. First, Hannity played the video of Hillary, and they watched in shock. Then, they both UNLOADED on her in a segment that is going viral. (Video Below)

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Jarrett hit the nail on the head, saying Clinton is “utterly incapable of accepting personal responsibility” and that she “views herself as a chronic victim.” 

Hannity pointed out that the mainstream media accuses Trump of having mental issues, but they ignore this video that exposes Hillary has “narcissistic personality disorder.” Jarrett chimed back in adding that the reason she misunderstands what the American people cared about was because she is consumed by her own delusions. “She can’t acknowledge a truth and she never will,” Jarrett said. WATCH the epic video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

From Fox News:

Gregg Jarrett criticized Hillary Clinton for statement she made during her press rounds promoting her new book.

Clinton blamed at least 20 entities for her loss in November but not herself, he said.

“Psychiatrists have a term for what she does,” he said. “Projection.”

Jarrett said Clinton is “utterly incapable of accepting personal responsibility.”

Clinton “views herself as a chronic victim,” he said, adding that all of her scandals are “self-created.”