KARMA: After The Media LIED About Her, Kellanne Conway Got The Best Revenge EVER

‘Morning Joe’ co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzenzinski have made it pretty clear they hate Trump, falling in line with most mainstream media anchors these days.

But they took a break from their usual Trump-bashing to drag Kellyanne Conway into the mix. Mika and Joe LIED about Kellyanne, accusing her of trashing President Trump when the cameras were off.

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We now by now Kellyanne doesn’t take anything lying down. Trump’s former campaign manager dealt the two MSNBC hosts a FATAL blow with a statement posted on Twitter Tuesday afternoon.

She captioned her statement, “Taking a moment from more important matters to respond…” Check out her statement. She absolutely embarrasses them. 

Conway referred to Scarborough and Brzezinksi as “virulent critics of the President and those close to him.”

She went on:

“It is a privilege to assist President Trump in the White House, just as it was during the campaign. i know him, i respect him, i believe in him, and i am confident in his capacity to be a transformative and successful president.”

Amen, Kellyanne.

It’s decisions like ones to bring Conway to the White House that have reaffirmed my faith in President Trump. She doesn’t roll over and beg for the fake news media, which is exactly the type of people we want fighting for us in Washington.

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