John McCain Caught RED-HANDED Working Against Trump, This Will END Him

John McCain has been struggling during the Trump presidency. He has come out as one of the biggest Republican names currently against the Trump administration and he is quickly proving why.

Now there is some new evidence on the controversial document funded by the Clinton campaign known simply as the Trump dossier. It had been reported previously that John McCain was made aware of the document’s existence but was never actually in possession of the dossier.

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That might have just taken a wild turn.

He found out about the dossier in Nov. 2016 by Sir Andrew Wood, who is a former British ambassador. There was also a copy passed to McCain and his associate, David Kramer.

What we did not know, however, is that McCain himself was given a final copy of the dossier directly from Simpson, the former Wall Street Journal reporter. He was also the man that started Fusion GPS.

Luke Harding, a journalist from The Guardian, has a new book that talks about what happened with John McCain.

“Less than twenty-four hours later, Kramer returned to Washington. Next, Simpson shared a copy of the dossier confidentially with McCain.”

John McCain knows things about this deal that he is unwilling to tell anyone else. But what’s new?


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