After Hillary Called ‘Millions’ of Trump Voters Racist, WATCH The Reporter Embarrass Her on Live TV

Hillary Clinton is back and she picked up right where she left off… blaming her election loss on everyone but herself. In her new book titled “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton is trying to re-write the history of why Americans elected President Trump instead of her. 

During a CBS interview, reporter Jane Pauley asked Hillary if she regretted her “basket of deplorables” comment that many believe led to her loss. Not only did Hillary not take it back… she DOUBLED DOWN, saying Trump voters were driven by “sexism” and “Misogyny.” Even the liberal CBS reporter wasn’t going to let her get away with this and completely embarrassed Hillary on Live TV. (Video Below)

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Pauley was in shock, and she asked Hillary to clarify if she was really calling the legions  of Trump supporters racist and sexist. Hillary nodded, and said “millions of white people, yeah, millions of white people” Pauley shook her head and told Hillary that she turned so many Americans off by calling them “deplorable” and energized them to vote for Trump.

Hillary smugly responded, “they were already energized.” Pauley quickly responded, “but you offended some people who didn’t personally feel ‘deplorable’.” Hillary arrogantly grinned and said “I don’t buy that. I don’t buy that,” to which Pauley responded saying she gave Trump a “gift” by offending so many Americans. WATCH the explosive video below then SHARE on Facebook if you’re glad Hillary isn’t President!

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