Greg Gutfeld Just Dropped Bombshell That Exposed Hillary Clinton And Her Collusion With The FBI

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has had a few choice words for Hillary Clinton over the years. He has been on Trump’s side through most of the presidency and for good reason. Gutfeld just exposed Clinton for her obvious collusion with the FBI during the 2016 presidential election.

While the Democrats continue to push for Trump’s collusion with Russia, Gutfeld knows where the real collusion is. It stems from then-FBI Director James Comey’s decision to not call Clinton’s email scandal criminal. That paved the way for her to become the president, even though she later lost.

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“The same lawyer [talking about a lawyer close to the FBI] changed also changed a vital phrase in Comey’s statement about Hillary’s emails. Grossly negligent became extremely careless. That small change reduced Hillary’s actions from criminal to merely incompetent.”

This is the real collusion. The FBI wanted Hillary to become president, not Donald Trump.

“That ironically preserved Hillary’s nomination, helping pave the way for Donald Trump. That’s pretty hilarious if you are not a Democrat.”

It seems like the Democrats are getting more and more delusional on a daily basis. Trump isn’t going anywhere and it is about time they realize that.

(Source: Fox News)