FBI Informant Just Pulled Out a Piece of Paper on Live TV That Made Hillary Clinton SHIVER in Fear

In the middle of Hannity’s show last night, news broke that the DOJ has lifted the gag order on the FBI informant involved with the Uranium One scandal. 

The FBI Informant’s lawyer, speaking on his behalf, held up the letter lifting the gag order. This allows him to testify against Hillary Clinton in the Uranium One Investigation. But it gets worse… Fox Legal Analyst Greg Jarrett joined the panel Hannity and dropped a bombshell that will have Hillary Clinton panicking.

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Jarrett laid out 13 crimes Hillary Clinton could be convicted of, now that the FBI informant is allowed to testify. The crimes include 6 felony corruption charges,Racketeering, and 2 counts of the espionage act. The FBI informant’s  lawyer says he has tapes, emails, conversations that prove the Russian collusion. WATCH this explosive clip then SHARE on Facebook if you want to see Hillary prosecuted!

Greg JArrett: 13 potential crimes committed by Hillary Clinton. She could be charged with 6 anti-corruption statues… all felonies. She could also be charged with racketeering for using her charity as a criminal enterprise. And then you have all of the email crimes, 2 of them under the espionage.”

Hannity: For 4 years, this FBI informant…worked undercover and he discovered a network..money laundering, kickbacks, bribery, extortion,

“The NDA will be lifted, and the informant, we were told he knew in 2009 and 2010 before the Uranium one deal was done, that he had overwhelming evidence, that he had emails, that he had documents, that he has tapes, that would show the bribery, the racketeering the corruption, the money laundering and extortion.”