We all know CNN will do anything to push their liberal agenda, but they just hit a new low. 

We now know that Esteban Santiago was inspired by ISIS and this drove him to kill 5 people inside a Ft. Lauderdale airport yesterday. He is a radical islamic extremist. Now look what CNN did… First of all, after the shooting, they Tweeted this:

So whats the big deal? They edited this picture and cropped one MAJOR thing. (See Below)

First of all, they made the picture black and white, so it would look like a white guy (because they don’t want to seem “Islamophobic” or Racist”) but that’s not even the worse part. 

Then they edited his photo and cropped this out the most important part… The Shooter doing THE ISIS SALUTE!

Everyone knows that this is THE ISIS SALUTE. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to it….but CNN decided to crop this out so they won’t have to blame radical islam. 

Here’s the infamous “Jihadi John” doing the ISIS salute:

And here are some more ISIS fighters doing it…


He was recording Islamic music and posting it online all the way back in 2007 under the name “Aashiq Hammad”… Did they think nobody would find this stuff??

He is a classic example of a radical Islamic extremist but the media refuses to cover it honestly. 

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