After CNN Host Called Trump a Sh*thole on Live TV, Trump Embarrassed Him & The Rest of The Media

For the past 24 hours, the media has been freaking out about Pres. Trump alleged comments he made in a private meeting Immigration meeting.

The New York Times reported that Pres. Trump made the comments and that was enough for the rest of the media to believe it and go with it.

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Perhaps the most disgusting take was CNN’s Chris Cuomo. In a long rambling segment, Cuomo bashed Pres. Trump’s comments and wrote on a whiteboard “This is who he is: Shithole.”

SOURCE: Twitter

Cuomo was bashing Pres. Trump’s alleged use of the word “Shithole” in a private meeting.  But what he wrote on the white board would read as if he is calling Pres. Trump a shithole.

CNN tried to clear things up, Tweeting out that Cuomo is from an immigrant family and that he was expressing his disappointment, but we all know what Cuomo was doing. But it wasn’t just CNN.

MSNBC Contributor Donny Deutsch compared Pres. Trump to a Nazi and called him evil. Joe Scarborough accused Pres. Trump of having Dementia.

President Trump responded this morning with this Tweet destroying the media for their sick lies. 

SOURCE: Twitter

Kellyanne Conway also took to the airwaves fight back against all these lies. She joined Chris Cuomo for an explosive interview that’s going viral.


At one point, Cuomo tried to say that a wall wouldn’t stop any drugs from going across the border… and Kellyanne embarrassed him.  But she didn’t stop there.

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