CNN IS FINISHED! Vladimir Putin Just Told Them Their WORST Nightmare

Ever since President Trump was elected, CNN has been pushing this BOGUS “Russia rigged the election” nonsense. They keep calling for “investigations” into Russia’s “involvement,” and The President has responded by calling it FAKE NEWS! Well, now Vladamir Putin is Responding. 

Putin is launching an investigation into CNN to determine if they illegally influenced the 2016 Russian elections! 

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Putin just delivered an EPIC dose of Karma! He said the work of the lying journalists at CNN could have interfered with their election results! The Hill is reporting that Putin invited CNN to sit before their investigation committee but they declined the invitation.

CNN just lost the last ounce of credibility they had.  They have been screaming and crying for months that it was Russia this, Russia that.  Russia is responsible for all the world’s problems. No, CNN. Your LIES and irresponsible FAKE journalism are responsible for the world’s problems!

SOURCE: Twitter

The FAKE NEWS you produce on daily basis is what actually influences elections, and Russia is about to expose what you did!  

“The structures we are discussing are part of a larger American system of pressure on our country. They are using a variety of instruments in respect to both the Russian electoral process and on our country as a whole.”


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