IT’S OVER! Chuck Schumer is FREAKING OUT About What Sean Spicer Just Revealed

Ever since his first press briefing, Sean Spicer has been known as the “spiciest” press secretary to ever hold the job.  Almost every day Spicer SHUTS down some arrogant reporter and puts them in their place.  Well, the most recent rating numbers are in, and it’s NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR THE DEMOCRATS! According to The Washington Examiner:

Sean Spicer’s daily press briefings haul in an estimated 4.5 MILLION VIEWERS… nearly twice as many as saturday night live!

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The Democrats #1 propaganda campaign, Saturday Night Live, now only averages 2.7 million viewers.  Maybe it’s because America hates when all you do is perform unfunny skits trashing Trump!

CHUCK SCHUMER AND DEMOCRATS ARE FREAKING OUT! Their master plan is to use Hollywood & shows like SNL to push their liberal agenda. Now they’re panicking because they’ve learned Americans would rather watch Sean Spicer slap some reporters around than watch their BS propaganda! Chuck Schumer famously used his niece, comedian Amy Schumer, to push for gun control. 

Senator Chuck Schumer uses Amy Schumer to push for gun control SOURCE: Youtube

Just for fun, here’s a montage of Sean Spicer laying the smackdown on reporters! WATCH and then SHARE ON FACEBOOK if you stand with Sean Spicer!

Even Trump has pointed out that it’s Hollywood vs. America! He Tweeted this morning after the Democrats failed in Georgia and Kansas, despite having Hollywood support!

SOURCE: Twitter