BREAKING: Julian Assange Made Hannity GASP With Just 1 Sentence

Julian Assange just went on camera for the first time in months revealed is 100% proof that the media has been LYING since the election!

Sean Hannity flew to London and was led into the tiny living quarters in the Ecuadorian Embassy where Assange is in hiding. Hannity and Assange spoke for one hour, but Assange only needed one SENTENCE to make his point clear! HE DEBUNKED THE BIGGEST MEDIA LIE OF 2016!

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Assange put an END to the ridiculous “Russia hacked the election” conspiracy theory that the media has been pushing since Trump won. He revealed that this “hacking” of Hillary and John Podesta’s emails wasn’t actually a “hack” at all…

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Hannity knew the media was pushing this “Russia Hacking” lie but he didn’t realize to what extent! Assange SHOCKED him when he pointed out what actually happened.  

Assange points out that John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chairman, fell for a simple scam that a 14 year old could’ve created:

“We published several Podesta emails that shows Podesta responding to a ‘Phishing’ email… Podesta gave out that his password was the word password….

A 14 year old kid could’ve hacked podesta that way”

He just debunked the media myth of 2016?? The election system DID NOT get “hacked.” John Podesta just fell for a simple email scam and gave out his password to a stranger!   ==NEXT PAGE==>

For those who don’t know, a “phishing” scam is when a random person emails you asking for personal information.

So a stranger emailed Podesta asking for his password, and he told them his password… WHICH WAS “PASSWORD”

What an absolute MORON!!! and THIS is the sneaky “russian hacking” the media is obsessing over?!

Assange also his source WAS NOT the Russian government and he is “quite happy” to take credit for exposing Hillary’s corruption. He also blasted the American media as “very dishonest.”

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Then Assange said something so many Americans have been thinking… Even if the emails WERE hacked by Russia (which they weren’t) it’s good that they were revealed. It exposed Hillary’s corruption and criminal behavior!

And finally, Assange went on to BLAST Hillary Clinton’s blaming of Russia as well. He points out that she was basically inviting someone to get her emails because so many people had access to them.

Human Abedin had access to them, a variety of technicians at this very small company had access to them… she had a dozen different devices that had access to them. She made almost no attempt to keep them secure” 

SOURCE: The Sean Hannity Show